Quantum Leap: What happens when we combine the humanities with STEM fields?

The Possibilities are Endless when we Bridge the Humanities with Science.

To celebrate this incredible legacy and discover opportunities for our future, Indiana Humanities wants you to take the leap with us for Quantum Leap. Together we’ll explore the spirit of possibility and problem-solving when we bridge the humanities with STEM.

Through grants, a new radio series, a statewide read of Frankenstein in 2018 and events such as field trips to places of scientific discovery or engineering marvels, we’ll learn more about how we question, tinker, invent and imagine—and what the consequences are for those innovations.



Feature 1 – Listen to Soundbites

Listen to Sound Bites

Feature 2 – Attend an Event

Attend an Event

Feature 3 – Bring Frankenstein to Life

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Books, Booze & Brains | July 31 | Centerpoint Brewing

  • Pat Goodmann, head animal curator of Wolf Park joins us for a conversation about American Wolf: A True Story of Survival and Obsession.

Quantum Leap Field Trip to New Harmony | August 18 | New Harmony 

  • This tiny Indiana town was once the center of the American science community. Join us and discover the story.

Books, Booze & Brains | August 28 | Centerpoint Brewing

  • A member of the Union of Concerned Scientists joins us for a conversation about The End of Plenty: The Race to Feed a Crowded World by Joel K. Bourne