Sound Bites

Listen here to Sound Bites—a bi-weekly series of five-minute-long audio stories that share moments of scientific discovery, creation and innovation in Indiana’s past and present, sponsored by J.P. Morgan Chase. The professionally produced pieces by Sandra Bertin also run on radio stations such as Lakeshore Public Media in Northwest Indiana. You can also download the episodes through iTunes and Android podcast software or listen to episodes here and subscribe on SoundCloud.


Episode 37: Birthplace Of Modern Entertainment Part 2 (Dec. 19, 2018) How did Hoosier inventions spur on a new era of entertainment and information?

Episode 36: Birthplace Of Modern Entertainment (Dec. 4, 2018) How did Fort Wayne, Ind., become a hotbed for inventions that have changed the way the entire world communicates?

Episode 35: Boldly Going Where…Many…Hoosiers Have Gone Before (Nov. 20, 2018) How are the innovations of a young drone entrepreneur built upon on Indiana’s legacy of aviation and aerospace innovation?

Episode 34: The Invention of the Dishwasher (Nov. 6, 2018) What drove the daughter of a swamp engineer from Valparaiso, Ind., to invent the first dishwasher?

Episode 33: New Languages in South Bend (Oct. 23, 2018) How is the South Bend Code School using a new language--computer coding—to help children develop solutions to make the world a better place?



Episode 32: The Buzz in Bloomington (May 29, 2018) How is one young entrepreneur harvesting data and honey from beehives to better protect these vital pollinators?

Episode 31: Dig Indy! (May 14, 2018) How are civil engineers eliminating Indianapolis's sewage overflow problem and what effect will it have on the White River?

Episode 30: The Marie Curie Effect (May 1, 2018) What happened when a modern-day Hoosier archaeologist uncovered evidence of a long-overlooked woman’s contributions to the field?

Episode 29: Rome Wasn’t Built (in 3D) in a Day (April 17, 2018) How is one Hoosier professor bringing the ancient world to life with the most cutting edge technology available?

Episode 28: The Creatures of Goose Pond (April 3, 2018) Where do whooping cranes, shorebirds, and Hoosier scientist and educator George Sly converge?

Episode 27: Pike County Physicist (March 20, 2018) How did a farm girl from Hazleton, Ind. use her small town Hoosier values when she became a world-class scientist and educator?

Episode 26: The Battle Against Addiction (March 7, 2018) Who are the Hoosiers taking action against opioids in Indiana?

Episode 25: The Reverend and the Red Blood Cells (February 20, 2018) How did a beloved Catholic monk and civil rights activist help Indiana become a leader in the treatment of a rare blood disorder?


Episode 24: Ag, Bio, Sciences, Oh My! (November 28, 2017) How is one organization's commitment to collaboration across industries change the way Hoosiers solve big problems?

Episode 23: The Aquanaut (November 14, 2017)What is space medicine and how did Hoosier Serena Aunon-Chancellor beat the odds to become an astronaut doctor?

Episode 22: The Future of Transportation (October 31, 2017)How did Chauncey Rose’s new building transform the railroad industry and Indianapolis?

Episode 21: The Guinea Pigs of Notre Dame (October 17, 2017)Can you still be a path-breaking scientist even if you’re later proven wrong?

Episode 20: Bedrock of Hoosier Innovation (October 3, 2017)How did two Hoosiers, Judy and Dave Elliott, innovate in an industry that barely changed over hundreds of years?

Episode 19: The Father of Synthetic Rubber (September 19, 2017)How did a Belgian immigrant turned Hoosier solve one of the greatest problems of the 1900s, lack of access to rubber?

Episode 18: Erich and the Wolves (September 5, 2017)Why did Dr. Erich Klinghammer bring wolves back to the Hoosier state? How has his work made an impact on Indiana and the world?

Episode 17: A Laboratory at the Limberlost (August 22, 2017)How did a swamp in northeastern Indiana inspire Gene Stratton-Porter to become an innovative photographer, best-selling author and self-taught scientist?


Episode 16: The Hoosier Mathematician (June 27, 2017) How did a boy from Evansville, Ind. grow up to become the nation’s first African American doctor of mathematics?

Episode 15: The Bacteria that Changed Cotton Farming (June 20, 2017)How did one Hoosier company use a naturally occurring bacteria to combat pests on cotton farms?

Episode 14: A Hubbub in Indiana (June 13, 2017) How did Indiana women in the sixties come together to convince lawmakers to pass a landmark piece of legislation to ban phosphates?

Episode 13: Hoosier Seeking Resilient Communities (June 6, 2017) What’s a resilient community and how are innovative nurses looking beyond medical solutions to solve health crises?

Episode 12: Better Than Penicillin (May 30, 2017) How did 500 pioneering women, like Ruth Gardiner from Indianapolis, save more than a million lives during World War II?

Episode 11: The Little Professor and the Big Race (May 23, 2017) What kinds of engineering and automotive innovations have originated at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway? This special episode of Quantum Leap Sound Bites is part of the festivities surrounding the 101st running of the Indianapolis 500 on May 28, 2017.

Episode 10: Vital Infrastructures (May 16, 2017) How are cities like Fishers, Ind., using co-working spaces to build ecosystems for entrepreneurs that nurture creativity, innovation and collaboration?

Episode 9: Hoosier Oil Tycoon (May 9, 2017) What obstacles did Lannie H. Smith Jr. overcome on his way to becoming an oil tycoon and one of Indiana’s leading black entrepreneurs?

Episode 8: The Not So Tragic Commons (May 2, 2017) How did a woman economist in Bloomington, Ind., finally solve “the tragedy of the commons”?

Episode 7: How to Build a Better...Jail Cell? (April 25, 2017) Did engineers in Crawfordsville, Ind., really figure out how to make jails more humane?

Episode 6: From Iron Dinosaurs to Kerosene Annie (April 18, 2017) How did two immigrants in LaPorte, Ind., build a revolutionary agriculture empire?

Episode 5: The Expert (April 11, 2017) How does a kid from South Bend, Ind., design lunar vehicles if he’s never been to the moon?

Episode 4: Beauty Titans (April 4, 2017) What does a contemporary entrepreneur raised in Fort Wayne, Ind., have in common with a turn-of-the-century cosmetics tycoon from Indianapolis?

Episode 3: Arclight City (March 28, 2017) How did tiny Wabash, Ind., become the world’s first electrically lighted city?

Episode 2: The Doctor and the EKG Machine (March 21, 2017) How did an African American doctor in Indianapolis, forbidden from working at most hospitals, become one of the nation’s most expert cardiologists?

Episode 1: The Attic Lab (March 14, 2017) How did a campus dance and a room full of bunnies in Bloomington, Ind., lead to one of the 20th century's greatest breakthroughs in genetics?